Hi everyone!

Welcome to my own little world. I’m Zarnain Shah. I have always been fascinated by the complexities of the human body and how it is constantly overcoming challenges in its battle for survival. My deep curiosity about the human body, passion for science and determination towards my goals earned me an admission in a medical University where I’m a student of 4th Year.

Studying the unique features of the human body, working with teams of Physicians and Surgeons, listening to the stories of patients and experiencing the precious moments of being a savior of someone’s life has made me look deeper into life and explore its meaning. I usually write about the little moments of everyday life, my thoughts on life, my hopes for the future, how to overcome the challenges the world throws at you and about anything that comes in my mind. So I thought to start a blog of my own and share my thoughts with the world.

I’m a dreamer and I believe in the beauty of my dreams. I love to travel (preferably alone). And I aim to contribute in making this world a better place even if my contribution is equal to a grain of sand.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you will enjoy it. Please leave a comment before you leave and let me know your thoughts.

See ya!

Zarnain Shah