Neither Parents Nor Children, Communication Gap is the Problem


I know a girl who was harassed by her chemistry teacher in her high school. However, she never discussed it with her parents because she was afraid of their response. I know a guy who is a wonderful poet but none of his family members know about it because he thinks they will never appreciate his work. I also remember when a close friend of mine opened up to me about how she, at the age of 8, was sexually harassed by her 15-year-old cousin but she could never discuss it with her parents out of fear. Also, I can’t forget a friend of mine who failed an exam, didn’t discuss it with anyone and spent an entire day crying in her bed until her family found her unconscious in the room and she was admitted to the hospital. Next day, her parents came to know about the results through one of her friends.

Communication is a vital part of any relationship. When it comes to the relationship of parents with their children, the importance of an open and honest communication cannot be emphasized enough. But in many cases it is observed that both parties hesitate or feel uncomfortable in sharing their opinions with each other. This leads to the communication gap in their relationship. Here, we are referring to the communication beyond the formal chat about the lunch menu, the exams and the results.

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