We need Chaos


“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” Friedrich Nietzsche

We are all creatures of chaos. It is the chaos that keeps us wild, the chaos that keeps us free, the chaos that makes each one of us a beautiful mess, and the chaos that makes our lives a little more interesting.

In today’s world, our society is obsessed with conquering and scientifically controlling the world around us. We don’t want to deal with uncertainty. We want everything to go as planned. We over-think and over-analyze before taking every single step. We try to predict the future. We are busy in fighting hard against the chaos of our lives instead of accepting it. We try to force order and perfection to an imperfect life full of uncertainty. And that’s what keeps us from appreciating the detours of our lives.

We’ve all been through situations where everything looks bleak. Everything sounds wrong, stupid and foolish. But years later, when we collect the fallen pieces and connect the dots, things start to make sense. Life smiles back at us. We come to realize that everything happened for a reason. All the noises of the past start to sound like a sweet music. And we become grateful for the things that didn’t go as we planned. And we start valuing the beauty of the chaos of life, the unpredictability, the uncertainty and the randomness.

We should understand that the road to success and happiness is not straight. Many of the successful people have arrived where they are through the zigzag motion of life. Chaos helps us to truly transform into the person we have always wanted to become. Chaos makes us stronger, sharper and creative. Chaos forces you to dig down deep inside your soul and bring out the best in you. It shows you your real potential which is beyond all limits.

If we want to embrace life, we will have to embrace the chaos of our lives. We will have to believe in the beauty of chance, randomness and luck.

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