Scars – we all have them

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We all have scars – both physical and mental. When it comes to the physical scars, we try everything to conceal them. We desire to obfuscate them to keep this appearance that we are perfect in a world that was always meant to be imperfect. We dislike them instead of realizing that they are a reminder that no matter how tragic the injury is, healing follows. They are a memorandum that you survived and recovered. They tell stories of how unexpected events can occur out of nowhere.

But the mental scars – they tell a different story. They are the reminder of every time you were rejected, dejected, degraded, disappointed, humiliated, deceived, criticized, insulted, taken for granted, and left alone. These scars are the deepest of all and these scars are the hardest to heal. They are the tattoos on your soul that you have heavily paid for. Sometimes you can ignore them, but are unable to forget about them. The world cannot see them but you know that they live with you and breathe with you.

All of your scars are the parts of your beautiful story. So, learn to appreciate them. They are the roadmap to the real you.  They are the signs that you let go of things.  They are the marks that you moved on. And they are the badges that you came out stronger. There is no need to be ashamed of them because, at the end of the day, we all have scars.

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